Monday, April 16, 2012

Lost in Translation 2

Lost in Translation 2   Oil on Board   6" x 6"

My personal trainer ( and studio Mascot- Robi) a 100 lb. Bouvier, and I went out for our daily exercise program and ran across this couple- again. They immediately struck me with their cozy, intimate pose. I hated to disturb them but couldn't help but blurt out-"Hey, I know you guys"!   They were a bit startled but I proceeded to explain that I'd done a painting of them before in the exact same pose, at a different park, with different clothes on.  They politely allowed me to snap a photo, perhaps to get rid of me and back to his translation of what they were reading before we had interrupted. So I parted with a "I really like what you're wearing today".  They just stared at me with a very quizzical look on their faces. Robi bounced around a bit with a smile on his face. I think there were relieved when we moved on......

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