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Thursday, May 7, 2015

Spot of Tea

Spot of Tea 9 x 12 oil

This was painted on Arches oil paper. I picked some simple shapes
that I'm familiar with and made it up without a reference.

This made it easier for me to focus on spots of color and color relationships,
which was the point of this painting.

I let go of worrying about a finished painting or following
reality too closely.
I find painting like this meditative and very relaxing.

Thank you for viewing my artwork.
I welcome and appreciate your comments.

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Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Workshop with Sunny Apinchapong Yang

Last week I attended a workshop in Scottsdale with Sunny Apinchapong-Yang, a former student of one of my all time favorite painters, Sergei Bongart. Sunny gave me permission to share his demo with you that he did on the first day. 

If you haven't seen his wonderful book called Intuitive Painting, check it out, it's available on Amazon books.  

The workshop was: Painting with emphasis on color:
Still life and Figure.

Sunny starts with laying in large shapes on a toned canvas.

Next he starts adding colorful darks:

Close up of colorful darks:

Then he adds the mid tones:

He continues to cover the canvas:

Then begins to refine:

And Sunny's fabulous finish:

Sunny completed this in about an hour and a half, making it look easy.
He's a wonderful painter, good teacher and has a great sense of humor.
I really enjoyed the workshop and I think all the other nice
people I met there did too.  

Funny story:  Sunny painted this with borrowed paints that students left at the school,
but he did remember to bring his golf clubs!

I hope you enjoyed seeing Sunny's demo process.
Thanks for following along!

Monday, April 20, 2015

Super Happy

I am super happy to be able to share that
these two paintings were accepted into
Old Post Office Museum and Art Center 4th Annual National Competition.

Shake It Out  9 x 12 oil on museum board

I was keeping my fingers crossed and hoping that one would be accepted.
Having them both selected was much more than I hoped for.
Feeling alot of gratitude these days.

Flambe 12 x 12 oil on museum board

Now I'm scrambling around to frame and get boxes to be
able to ship before I leave town.
NOT complaining- just sayin'!

So happy to have this opportunity.

Thanks so much for viewing my artwork and following along.
I really appreciate it:)

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Friday, April 17, 2015

49th Anual RCAS show acceptance

Daisy Dukes 9x12 oil on board

Thrilled to say this painting was accepted into the
49th Annual Richardson Civic Arts Society show.
It's a great feeling to see that little green check mark
instead of a red x, because you never know.

So my buddy Robi and I are hanging around the studio and
packing the painting to send to the show.

 Lazy rainy day....zzzzzz

What?  Did you say treat??????

I love days like this.

Thank you for following along and I appreciate you viewing my artwork:)

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Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Chocolate Shadows

Chocolate Shadows
12 x 12 oil on museum board

This was my second painting entered in Paint The Town. 
I realize now how much pressure these paint outs are!
And I was expecting all fun and games.

I spent two solid afternoons painting a local bar scene but I finally had to cut my losses and scrape it off.

So at 5:00 on the last day while I was frantically searching for something to paint,
the sun came out, it was a beautiful day,
and the painting practically painted itself. 
I love it when that happens:)

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Monday, April 13, 2015

Paint the Town

Morning Break
9 x 12  oil on museum board

This week has been filled with firsts-
-my first paint out ever
-my first 'first place' award in a outdoor competition!

I was beyond thrilled to receive this award from juror
whose work I have admired for years.
Click on his name to view his website, wonderful color
and lush brushwork.
Thank you Don!

I was really delighted and very surprised to get this award, but I'll never forget the look of surprise on Don's face when I walked up to receive the award.  The expression on Don's face said-
"who is this woman impostor trying to claim Bruce's award". 

I have wanted to try these paint outs since I got back from Europe,
and decided to enter Paint the Town in nearby Marble Falls.
It was a well done event to promote the arts in the area and I owe a big
thank you to all the volunteers who worked so hard for the event.
Thank you Bill and company!

Wow- I wasn't expecting all the pressure and of
course the weather predicted thunder storms.
But I managed to get out early for this one on the first day and it didn't rain till later:)

The Blue Bonnet Cafe has been open since 1929 and is a Texas icon,
complete with Pie Happy Hour.
These folks are maringue magicians!
(click on link for proof!)
I promise your mouth will water.
The famous Texas blue bonnets were in full bloom in their front garden so it was the perfect time to paint this iconic cafe.

The painting sold to the owners and it was one big happy family.
Another big thank you!

Well, I have lots to be thankful for and I want to let YOU know how much I appreciate you following along and for viewing my artwork.

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Thursday, March 19, 2015

Daisy Dukes

Daisy Dukes
9x12 oil on museum board

This was a pure joy to paint and I wanted to share it with you
so we can celebrate the arrival of spring together!

You're invited!

I also wanted to invite you to the big show at
Wenmohs Ranch the last two weekends in March.
This painting will be available along with five others of mine.
There will be a huge variety of styles from many local artists.
All day Saturday and Sunday
March 21/22 &28/29

Kick your heels up and enjoy the fun!
Hope to see you there:)

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Thanks so much for following along,
I really appreciate it!