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Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Best Wurst

 Best Wurst
8x10 oil on museum board

I am crazy about these crazy little food trailers
that are popular all over Austin. 

It's lots of fun getting to know this city with
 such a great sense of humor.

It's given me a sixth sense-
I see paintings everywhere.

Thanks for following along and viewing my art.
Your comments are welcomed and appreciated:)

Friday, July 18, 2014

Wiggy's Wooden Indian

Wiggy's Wooden Indian
9 x 12 oil on museum board

I thought this painting of a local liquor
store would be appropriate for a Friday post.
It a hide and seek title 
about the cool wooden Indian
that I like so much.

Thanks for viewing my blog.
Comments are appreciated and welcomed:)


Monday, July 14, 2014


Porch Swing 12 x 12 oil on board

This painting was accepted into the
American Impressionist Society 
 Annual National Juried Exhibition 
Abend Gallery, Denver Colorado 
October 2 – November 1, 2014 

Saying I'm excited to be in this show would be an
understatement.  I'm THRILLED!
If I had a bucket list this would be on it!

I was inspired to paint this after visiting my new friend
Dena Wenmoh who lives close by.
She is a wonderful artist and runs world class workshops
that you can check out here:

Thoughts about competitions:
My feeling is that the most important thing
about painting is to be inspired and enthusiastic
about your own personal journey.
That being said, the occasional external validation
does feel encouraging! 

Thanks for viewing my art and following my blog,
comments are welcomed.

Thursday, July 10, 2014

Mean Eyed Cat

Mean Eyed Cat Bar
12 x 12 oil on museum board

Getting to know my new home town a little better.
The Mean Eyed Cat Bar is popular
for Bar B Q, booze and beer,
with a Johnny Cash kicker.

When in Austin, check it out!

Thanks for following my blog and viewing my paintings.
Comments are welcomed and appreciated:)

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Tacos on 5th

Tacos on 5th  
12 x 12 oil on museum board

Austin is a city with a sense of humor and a funky style.
I really love all the wacky architecture I see
around town.  This painting was inspired by
old bus, painted blue and repurposed as
a taco stand.
Why not?

Thanks so much for viewing my artwork,
comments are welcomed and appreciated!

Monday, June 30, 2014

Porch Swing

Porch Swing 12 x 12 oil on panel

Happy summer to all!
I'm back to my painting and loving every minute.

Solar shades are wonderful.
That's how I solved the glare problem I had in my studio.
They cut the glare but you can still have a view.
I leave the north light windows open when I paint and put
them down while I work on the computer.
Plus they save you money on A/C-
pretty awesome:)

Sunday, May 25, 2014

Welcome to my new studio!

I've missed keeping in touch with you. It's been a process with lots of things happening
around my house as I try to get settled and reclaim my creative routine.
Big hugs and thanks to all of you who have checked up on me:)

Here's how the studio project began:
 Lots of boxes....
 And more boxes, so many boxes I'm not even going to bore you with them all.
Basically I decided to just empty them all and start to organize things
into categories:  blocks, cloths, 

odd little things,

paints, brushes, metals, ceramics, books, etc.

My new computer and I are beginning to get to know each other
and play nicely together.  The only problem is that she insists on doing
every thing her way, all the time, so we're working on our communication issues.

One of the most important things is a comfy spot for Robi and I to take alot of
must needed breaks, we're pooped! Moving is hard work,
but really worth it after all.

My next post is about studio direction, lighting, color and the problem
of glare and how I'm dealing with it.
Talk soon!