Monday, July 25, 2016

Alive and Well

Tracks Less Traveled
9x12  oil
painted plein air in the Adirondacks

I am so thrilled and honored to have been accepted into the
OPA Salon with this painting.
Such a delightful surprise and I'm feeling really fortunate.
I know! I could hardly believe it myself:)))))
But here's proof: click here
and you can see the acceptance list.
Pinch me please:)

I've really missed blogging and sharing with you, just been so busy painting! If you missed my
last newsletter you can check it out by clicking here.
It's all about the trip organized by Eric Rhoads to the Adirondacks called Publishers Invitational
which was one of my ultimate painting experiences.  

I can't say enough about these trips I've been on.  Having the time to really
focus on just painting in a beautiful environment with other artists is wonderful.

My first trip was to Fall Color Week when I only knew one other person.
Since them I'm hooked and have met lots of great people. The next one is
this fall and you can find the info here if you're interested.

Hope to see you there!

Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Plein Air on a Texas Dude Ranch

Deerly Beloved
12 x 12
oil on museum board

I went on a painting trip to the Silver Spur Ranch in 
Bandares, Texas.
They had tons of things to paint and I'd love to go back.
I'll share some more of my plein air paintings that I did there when I get back from the 
Plein Air Convention in Tuscon.
But right now I'm off to paint some cacti there.  Can't wait!

I have to give credit for this painting's clever title to my
friend Robin Cheers.
I was looking for something that combined the cow skulls
with the well worn John Deer tractor
and Robin said it perfectly- thanks!
You can see Robin's work here.

Thanks for letting me share my artwork with you!

Monday, March 21, 2016

Joie de peindre en plein air!

Cuban Mariachi
12 x 9
oil on museum board

This was a painting I started in Cuba.
I seem to paint alot of musicians
because I'm attracted to the energy and the feeling of celebration.
They move like crazy and eventually leave.
I know, you'd like I'd catch on.
They left in about 15 minutes and I didn't even get a photo of them!
So I decided to carry on with the background.
After about 20 minutes they closed the curtain to the arcade!
Plein air, French for outdoors, has it's own special challenges.
That's why I named this post:
Joie de peindre en plein air!

My friend Brenda Boylan who went on the trip too Cuba too
painted this same scene from the other side of the arcade.
It's so interesting to me to see different artist's
interpretation of the same place.
Check out her version

Thanks for letting me share my art/life with you.

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Thursday, March 17, 2016

Mistaken Identity

58 Cuban Caddy
24 x 30
oil on canvas

This painting started as 56 Chevy.
That's what I thought anyway.
Thanks to my neighbors for the correction:)
It turned into a 58 Cuban Caddy.
Who knew?
Obviously not me...

This is my first car painting from my visit to Cuba.
There will be more.
Lots of fun:)

Thanks for letting me share my art/life with you.

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Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Cuba Painting with friends!

Smokin' Cuban
16 x 20 oil on museum board
available through McBride Gallery
Annapolis, Md,
Cuba Today Show Opening May 1st

If you read my last Newsletter ( different from the blog)
you'll know that I got lost on day one, by 10:30 a.m.
I was taking a photo of this beautiful Cuban woman and waiting
for change from a 10 cucs bill. 
(cucs are the Cuban currency equivalent to about one euro).
It took about four Cubans to come up with 7 cucs change
and by the time I turned around my group was gone!
They actually did miss me I'm happy to say!

I thought I saw them go in one direction but
wandered down the wrong street when it started to drizzle.
I kept wandering and it kept raining harder and harder.
Finally it was a full on monsoon and I was completely soaked,
so I started weighing my options.

I opted to try to find my bus instead of cab it back to the hotel
and ruin my day. So I blindly headed in what I thought was the
direction of the port and where the bus had dropped us off.

Fortunately I was right, the only problem being that there were about
100 buses.  I was getting blown down the street, empty bus after
empty bus (apparently they take a nap when on break).

Finally two bus drivers were visiting in a bus cab and
saw me coming, felt sorry for me because I was looking pretty pathetic,
and let me in and out of the rain. Whew!

I explained in my terrible Spanish that I was lost (obviously)
 and looking for bus #3918. 

All the Cuban's I met were so kind, he just started up his bus and 
drove me around the other 100 buses until we found mine.
Home sweet home!
I gave him a twenty cucs tip for saving my day and giving my
little side adventure a happy ending.
He declined at first but I insisted and his eyes were misty with delight!

The moral is- the photo was worth it!

I painted alot with my new friend Michele Byrne on the trip.
She wields a wicked palette knife. 
If you'd aren't familiar with her work you can check it out here.
Pic of Michele and I painting and she's alot happier with 
her painting than it looks like I am!
Like I told the group standing around watching us paint-
Ella es muys famosa en Estados Unidos!
Check out the link to her site above.

Thanks for following along and allowing me to share my art/life with you!
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Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Where I was last January.

I'd like to share my experience in the Antarctic with you.
Our 2015 trip was in two phases- the first half was visiting the actual 
South Pole that you can read about by clicking here.

The second leg of our journey was a small cruise ship from Ushuaia, Argentina
across the Drake Passage to the coast of the Antarctic Continent.
Once we arrived we kaycked with just 12 other people.
It was amazing!

Did I mention three days in twenty foot seas (one way) to get there?
Yes, it was worth it!
Unlike the actual South Pole this area is filled with wildlife,
whales, penquin, leopard seals, birds and more.
Close encounters!
Snow Angel

And what's on the horizon for 2016?
I'm in!

Thanks for following my blog and letting me share my at/life with you!

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

What has Robi been up to? And Fundraiser is sold!

For you guys that keep up with Robi and his antics here's the latest.

You know the French have a long history of famous forward thinkers that have made a huge impact on the world.  Joan of Arc, Voltaire, Napolean (who is still inspiring many with the complex label), Marie Curie, Coco Channel, the French Impressionists and Conte de Roblechon.

He's French you know.

Yes, my own Conte de Roblechon de la Bourierie (his nom de plume), lovingly called Robi.  True to his French heritage and independent thinking he's inspiring others by his writing and actions.  His latest dissertation was titled 'Disobedience and It's Effect on Society'.

He's been growling about this from under his beard and beret since the tragic events in Paris, not far from where he was born.  He believes that anyone who blindly folows orders creating harm are rabid threats to world order.  He will not back down on this topic.
He's very protective.
Case in point:
Porcupined! One minute in and he wasn't backing down.
Painful to look at I know but he walked away with only two stitches. 
Thank goodness!

As far as he is concerned the world is divided into two camps.  Those that take orders and those that give them.  Guess which camp he thinks I fall into?  Pity me please, sometimes this can be hard to live with! But a protective friend who is by my side no matter what 
is the very best friend to have.
It's a good time to stand side by side.

Good news about the fundraiser for 5 year old Ryan Etten.
Mean Eyed Cat 2016 is sold!
Thank you Dona Owen for your generous gift to Ryan!

If you missed it the first time you can see more here:

Thank you for letting me share my art/life with you.