Thursday, November 14, 2013

Value to Color

Some of you might agree that one of the most stressful things
 about moving is finding a new hairdresser.
It can be a nightmare that comes back to haunt you
like my bad perm back in the day.
When she asked me to stand up and then only cut one side of my hair I knew I was in trouble.
The good news is that my roots aren't gray anymore:)
They're black, or dark brown.  I should say 'they were' because I've already gone elsewhere
to fix the problem.
You KNOW it's bad when your husband notices!!!
It was one of those things that got lost in translation....

So what does it have to do with painting?
It really highlighted (no pun intended) just how important value, hue and temperature are.
Value being the very most important thing even if it's not as exciting as color.
When I'm having trouble with a painting it is usually with the value.
It's not quite as easy to spot on a canvas as it is on your head,
but a piece of red plexiglass to view the painting through
can work wonders to help you figure out the problem.

This is how a few of these value studies turned out in color:

Thanks for viewing my paintings.  I welcome and appreciate your comments and questions.


  1. I sympathize, Burce! I have cried all the way home from more than one hair appointment (the time I wanted' 'sassy' and got a 'helmet'; the time I wanted 'body' with a 'wave' and got Dolly Parton; the time I wanted 'light brown' and got pure white… I could go on….. and yes, the all over picture (and value) is SO important! xo

    1. LOL- I'm currently with more of a Marsha Brady issue.

  2. OMG- I think women are way tougher than men, just for what we endure that goes on - on top of our heads! I've come home at different times looking like I've been 'skunked' (talk about bad placement of highlights), frizzed (horrible mess of texturing), fried, sticky, green, you name it. Bad cut or color, (bad composition, bad value choices, and color that does not belong in certain places (or at all on my head)...add to that, poor understanding of warm & cool colors!!!

    1. Exactly Roxanne! Now just try saying that in French! You get the idea:)))

  3. Fun way to bring in the use of the red viewer. I like your little painting very much, Bruce.
    Hair troubles? Only once and I did it to myself with a home coloring kit. Green...I remember crying all the way to the store to buy black to cover it up. Ruined my natural shine for months.

  4. OMG, I totally agree! I fairly recently moved from London to a small town not that far from Oxford, and that was my biggest nightmare. .. I tried about 6 before I found one I liked and there are at least 12 hairdressers in the town, can you believe. The hairdresser I found has just stopped working as she had a baby earlier this year, and now my hairdresser in London is about to take time off for maternity leave. What could be worse than that?! Thanks for the tip about the red plexiglass, sounds like a good plan.
    Good luck with the new hairdresser.
    Best wishes
    Caroline (UK)

    1. LOL Caroline, it's the little things isn't it? I've decided to take the red plexiglass with me next time!

  5. Hi Julie, maybe I should take the red viewer to the salon! You always give me great ideas:) Thanks for commenting!

  6. Oh my, when your husband notices it is serious business. Love your paintings and your posts. And your travels. I have had bad cuts and at one point no hair, so sometimes even a cut I don't like is something I end up going shorter on....I guess we can't go longer!

    1. We've got one way to go- UP! Thanks for commenting Susan:)