Thursday, December 12, 2013


Lulu  8x8 oil on museum board

I did this painting for my friend, and fellow dog enthusiast, artist Steve Cook.
Earlier this year Steve captured a wonderful memory
in paint for me of Robi and I riding on the ferry
from Sicily to the Italian mainland.  I wanted to say thank you 
by painting his puppy Lulu for him.
I just loved this photo of her, in her 'bling' on the beach,
enjoying herself.


  1. Steve woke me up when he said, "oh, my goodness" while noodling on the computer. I asked what evoked the words, but he told me I had to come look.

    WONDERFUL! What a sweet picture of the little sweetie who is sitting on the window seat with me right now.

    Thank You

  2. Thanks Carol. I follow your blog and saw that photo of her on the window seat, I was tempted to use that one! Glad you like it and it should be there before the new year. x

  3. This is precious, a wonderful fuzzy dog.

    1. Cute isn't she Barbara? She reminds me of my Robi. Thanks for commenting!

  4. Love it! You captured the playful spirit as well as a well compsed and beautifully painted painting

  5. What a wonderful painting and a beautiful gesture for your friend. I wanted to wish you all the best for the New Year. It has been a pleasure seeing your paintings throughout 2013, and you are a shining light in the art blogging world...

  6. That is such a kind comment Meredith, thank you so much. May this New Year be your most creative yet!