Saturday, January 10, 2015

The South Pole

We made it!  Here's a photo of Rick and I at the base camp at Union Glacier, Antarctica. 
This is where we acclimate before the next leg to the actual South Pole. The landscape is rugged, 
pristine, beautiful, extreme and remote.  

These are our luxury hotel suites. The mountain back drop is actually about two miles away with a large cravass between. Not a good idea to go wandering around outside of the area that is surveyed 
and deamed safe.  
Then it's on to the camp at the South Pole:

Above is the South Pole camp where we enjoyed perfect weather. We hardly had any wind and it was a warm and sunny -25 below. Practically sun bathing weather for the Pole. After all it is summer!

This is an eclectic group, from left to right, we have peeps from China, USA, Russia and Thailand. That's me in the middle:)


  1. I did comment before but not sure if it went thru. I wanted to make sure you know what a blast this is for me seeing you at the end of the earth. Wow...
    It has always held a fascination for me and here I am actually knowing a friend who has been there. Thanks for sharing the photos
    How on earth did you get the post sent?

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