Wednesday, January 20, 2016

What has Robi been up to? And Fundraiser is sold!

For you guys that keep up with Robi and his antics here's the latest.

You know the French have a long history of famous forward thinkers that have made a huge impact on the world.  Joan of Arc, Voltaire, Napolean (who is still inspiring many with the complex label), Marie Curie, Coco Channel, the French Impressionists and Conte de Roblechon.

He's French you know.

Yes, my own Conte de Roblechon de la Bourierie (his nom de plume), lovingly called Robi.  True to his French heritage and independent thinking he's inspiring others by his writing and actions.  His latest dissertation was titled 'Disobedience and It's Effect on Society'.

He's been growling about this from under his beard and beret since the tragic events in Paris, not far from where he was born.  He believes that anyone who blindly folows orders creating harm are rabid threats to world order.  He will not back down on this topic.
He's very protective.
Case in point:
Porcupined! One minute in and he wasn't backing down.
Painful to look at I know but he walked away with only two stitches. 
Thank goodness!

As far as he is concerned the world is divided into two camps.  Those that take orders and those that give them.  Guess which camp he thinks I fall into?  Pity me please, sometimes this can be hard to live with! But a protective friend who is by my side no matter what 
is the very best friend to have.
It's a good time to stand side by side.

Good news about the fundraiser for 5 year old Ryan Etten.
Mean Eyed Cat 2016 is sold!
Thank you Dona Owen for your generous gift to Ryan!

If you missed it the first time you can see more here:

Thank you for letting me share my art/life with you.


  1. I am still laughing...what a great post. So well written. A blend of humor and life as it happens to be right now.
    So happy the painting was sold for a good cause.
    Have a great painting week.

  2. Great! Superbien! Hartstikke cool! My Robi and my Bruce. Did not forget you all just been to busy! Abrazos! Albert

  3. What a great post! Do tell Robi that I take his Life Lessons very seriously and will try to follow his advice.... 'never back down' !!
    As for your latest Adventure, I really do admire you- can't wait to see the painterly results! Good luck with the packing!

    1. Karol has really enjoyed following your blog since we had lunch with here when you were here. She asks about you every time she sees me.xo