Friday, November 4, 2016

A little fun with my friends

What kind of trouble did I get into last weekend in San Angelo?
Well what happens in San Angelo doesn't stay in San Angelo.
First it was the Collector's Stampede Party.
Hanging out with Shelby Keefe here in front of a couple of her favorites from the week.

Click on her name above to see more of her gorgeous work.

And of course I saw somethings that I absolutely couldn't possibly live without.
Here's a little painting of a gas station and a bus that
Bubba Watkins Daddy's Texaco
A must have.

Great to see Hai-ou Hou again so soon after the OPA Salon Show.
She painted an irresistible Open Field shown below.

Below is Suzie Baker's awesome little Old Timer:

Turner Vinson showed up the next morning with his baby Byrd and
won the Open Quick Draw.  Way to go Turner!
Marc Hanson was the judge for the Competition and Open Quick Draw.
Fortunately they were judged separately and I lucked out with
Best Concho Street Scene.  Thank you Marc!

But I couldn't drive back home with out Nyle Gordon's
amazing truck painting from the Quick Draw.

There were 35 artists there all week for En Plein Air Texas working like maniacs.
I wish them all continued success, they really deserve it !

Thanks for following along!


  1. Replies
    1. Yes, I admire all of them and many more!

  2. I really enjoyed this post and seeing all the different paintings.
    Congratulations on your win. Marc has an excellent eye!

    1. Thanks Julie and for taking the time to comment too:)

    2. Thanks for sharing all the pics from San Angelo- what a great experience- and congratulations. Your work is looking so strong!

    3. Hi Anne, thanks for following along and commenting. It was great fun!


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