Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Austin Pets Alive Demo by Bruce Bingham

oil 6x8

A large amount of my studio time is spent practicing.
That's when I'm trying to focus on one or two 
techniques and just experiment.

I have no expectations on whether the painting will turn out well or not.
Most often when I don't worry about it and just enjoy the
process I'm much happier with the result.
In this painting, Glow, I was working on value compression
and variety of mark making.

This is what I think is fun;)

Here is a chance to win a 12 x 12 portrait of your pet!
I'll be doing a demo at the event on February 19th
if you're in the Austin area and can join us.
Otherwise you can purchase $10 tickets for the drawing
and your chance to win a painting of your pet.
click here or go to

All proceeds go to Austin Pets Alive.
Thanks in advance for your support!


  1. Well you certainly captured the glow, Bruce.
    Beautiful color and value transitions.
    Wish I lived in Austin. I would be there in a heartbeat. Good for you doing it and enjoy yourself. (I get too nervous at doing public paintings so it takes the fun part away)

    1. Well it will be a big party and I'll be off to the side where people will come and go. It's not like I'll be on stage so it will be casual and fun. No stage fright! Love your new nest painting that you posted today!