Friday, May 26, 2017

Chiquita and a little help from my friends:)

Chiquita  12 x 16 oil
by Bruce Bingham

What have you been up to?  I've missed you all.
I'm back in action, or I should probably say almost up to speed.
I am painting again and that makes me happy. 

This has been a great time to be in the studio and revisit some of
my reference material from my Cuba trip of things I've wanted to paint. 

When I went to the Plein Air Convention in San Diego 
I got a pinched nerve in my spine that put me
flat on my back.  Literally I could not get up!  Long story short and to
save you from much whining and unnecessary details,
the hospital got me up and walking again and I was able to get back home.
Special thanks to my pal Ellen Willis for getting me to the ER and making sure I was in good hands.

Robi and I were both greatly relived I could make the plane ride home.
I was seriously worried about that.
He has barely left my side while I've been convalescing.
If anyone wants some good book titles just let me know.

So I missed all of PACE17 except one morning watching Quang Ho paint
which was probably worth the entire price of admission.  What an inspiration he is!
Sadly I have nothing to report to you, not even any photos.

I do want to thank you all for helping me get selected for the Plein Air Wars!
Fortunately Hai-Ou Hou was able to take my place.



  1. Bruce, fun painting!, Glad you are feeling better! Paint on!

    1. Thanks and back at ya Pat. Speedy recovery to you!

  2. Oh boy- what a time you have had! We are so vulnerable to the unforeseen in our lives and a great attitude makes the world of difference. Sorry it had to happen but happy you are painting again and what a GREAT one it is. Full of life with color and eye flow.
    The title is a delight!!

    Quang Ho. I am happy you at least got to see him paint. Now there is a true master. He fractured some horse paintings and no one was more thrilled than me. He can do anything and do it brilliantly.
    Looks like Robi is plum worn out from watching over you. Lovely pic.

    1. Hi Julie, I'm always looking for a silver lining. This will help me rethink my Plein aire approach and coming up with new ways to lighten the load. Not that it caused the problem but lightening up might help avoid a recourrance. Taking fewer colors might just help my color harmony;). No doubt there will be a blog post about this soon!

  3. OHHH! I feel so sorry for you and I totally "feel your pain"! That is the worst--and you think it will never go away. Glad you're on the mend and sorry to miss seeing you at PACE.

    1. Thanks so much Nancie, I'm almost 100% again, but it is slow!

  4. Hi Bruce - so glad you are on the mend but sorry it happened. I know what it feels like! Take care.