Thursday, June 22, 2017

Inner City Blues

Inner City Blues
16 x 20  oil

Here's something a little different for you.  My friend saw this and
asked"when did Rick get a tattoo?"
My response: "You're kidding right?  He would never get a tattoo with a flower in it."

Meet Sammy:


We have a fountain with a crack behind it.  Sammy the Snake lives there.  He is looking for a mate and his dating profile says his hobbies are rat hunting, slithering, and sleeping all day, in that order.  Every evening, when I’m relaxing watching the sun set, he appears.  Even though we keep different hours and have nothing in common, we can happily co-exist.  There’s a lesson in there somewhere.  Then he sticks his tongue out at me and moves on.

Thanks for following along!


  1. It took me a while to stop laughing about your answer ...flower in it. I still get a big grin and when I shared it with my hubby he roared too.
    Fabulous painting - full of interest because it is so back in time to the religious art...then you see the guns. You should enter this in a N.Y. show. Brilliant.

  2. Forgot to ask...what type of snake. I can see from the shape of its head it isn't poisonous but cannot tell.

    1. Thanks for your comments Julie:). I'm not really sure what type of snake he is, just that he wasn't poisonious. Someone said he might be a whip snake.

  3. You say, "Writing about myself, spilling my life out onto the blank white page, brings up a deep-seated fear of having absolutely nothing extraordinary to say -- which runs parallel to my fear of facing an empty white canvas and to still be facing it eight hours later."
    HA!! You may not feel that you have a lot to say when you stare at the blank page or the blank canvas...think are such a great story the Sammy chapter. Love your Cuba views. Love you '-)