Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Cup for Two

Cup for Two  6" x 6" oil on board

I really enjoy playing with the light and dark patterns of
these small daily paintings.
I'm posting another step by step shown below.


Set up the still life with patterns and colors I like:

Make a drawing of the light dark patterns and how the canvas board will be divided.
Decide what the dominant value will be:

Start with the cherries inside the cup and then begin to paint the
cup inside the pattern cloth.

Add the dark patterns on the cloth:

Put in the background, all the lights and the stems are the final touch:


  1. Thanks for the step by the painting

  2. Hi Page, thanks so much for the feedback! I'm glad you liked it. I love your bold painting style. Also I see you know my gal pal Patti Mollica! I miss painting with her!

  3. This is a wonderful step-by-step. Thanks for taking the time. I have really enjoyed this series. I think what I have liked best about it is seeing all your creative designs being so well done.

    I had left a comment on this before and I guess it din't go through???

  4. Hi Julie, Thanks for taking the time to comment again! I did get your feedback on the one before- Two on the Side. They are pretty similar! I was sort of on a red, yellow and blue roll. I made a short video that I'm trying to figure out how to post! More of these will follow!