Thursday, February 28, 2013

Shaken Not Stirred

Shaken Not Stirred  6x6 oil on board

I'm still having fun with colors, reflection and
the distortions created by liquid in colored glass.

I tried something with this painting that I've never done
before. My friend, Abbey Ryan, suggested I try
painting on a palette the same color as I toned my canvas.
That's right quinacridone red!

I usually work on a mid tone palette so I can easily tell
what value the color I mix is, on the light side or the dark side.
Sometimes I work on a white paper palette which is 
super easy clean up, especially outdoors.
But a hot pink palette?
It was crazy confusing for me at first but I really 
started getting into it and want to experiment with this some more. 

I did this by painting paper the same color as I toned the canvas
and placed it on the mixing area of my canvas. 
Then I put a piece of glass on top and proceed as usual,
well almost as usual.


  1. The colors are lovely Bruce. I really like the design you came up with.
    Love the cherry !

  2. Hi Julie, thanks so much for taking the time to comment. The colors were a bit far out so I'm glad you think they work!

  3. may I have oen of those now! Makes me wish I were at the beach. I love seeing your new work.

  4. The colored palette is a great idea and I'm going to try it myself. But I also wanted to comment on your piece in the Daily Paintworks ArtByte about artist's block.
    You listed one of your negative thoughts: "A smarter person would have quit by now." I have that thought ALL THE TIME! Are you a mind reader? But then I turn it around and change it into "I'm a smart person, I've succeeded in other things, so eventually I'll make this work."

  5. Hi Julia, thanks so much for commenting! Be prepared to be a little confused on the first couple of trys with the colored palette, but I think it's worth pursuing. About bonding on thoughts- I've had to do a bit of reprograming;)but that is the way it feels when it's been too hard for too long. It's a great signal for change if one can figure out the right direction. It's a good motivation for sure:)I love your positve thinking!