Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Cosmo Down

Cosmo Down 6x6 oil on board
This is another version of the glasses done on a
palette that was tinted the same color as my under painting
on my board.
I think I'm getting used to it, although it's a bit
confusing. To me the colors
seem to harmonize and pop more.
What do you think?


  1. At first I thought you had two cherries but then realized it was the base of the red glass showing through. Neat!
    I tried the colored palette and remember how it showed me how different the colors looked placing them on there to mix. It was easiest when there were only a few colors on it but grew more difficult as I covered the canvas so I congratulate you and doing so well with it. The painting is beautifully harmonious.

  2. Hi Julie, thank you so much for commenting, I always respect your opinion. And yes, the colors start to get more confusing, but by then most of the colored mixing area is covered too which is good. Trying a different color this time to see what happens!