Thursday, March 14, 2013

Two Down

Two Down   6 x 6  oil on museum board

I'm enjoying the primary palette, the distortion of the liquid
and the reflections on the shaker.
The combinations seem endless yet each
painting is a new challenge.

I'm experimenting with a different surface this week.
I've coated each panel with three coats of gesso
sanding in between. After I play
with it a while I'll let you know which on I like best
and why.
How do you prepare your panels.
I order Ampersand from the states.
What do you use?


  1. Love the slice of lemon adding a horizontal zip.

    I use various types canvas sheets so I do not get attached to just one way/method. They all react differently to the feel of the paint going on and some suit landscapes and others better for still life.

  2. I love hearing what other artist use Julie, thanks for commenting. Do you gesso or just let the tooth of the canvas become the difference? Maybe you could explain in blog sometime?

  3. I LOVE your work, Bruce!The colour combos in these latest paintings are just so ZINGY!
    I am also totally in love with gesso...... I usually use acrylic gesso by W&N or Schminke and I use a paint roller to cover surfaces from paper to wood to canvas. I have even used it to paint with, mixed with black acrylic; the two different textures were really interesting. Not very conventional, I'm afraid!

  4. Hi Jeni, thank you. I appreciate you sharing your approach. Your work is so spontaneous and intuitive. I'll have to get a new roller. I'm tired of by brush loosing hairs in the under painting! Nice tip!

  5. I love the name of this painting, very cute!! I love your palette, the colors are so lively. I have tried the ampersand panels and found them too slippery, but I probably need more patience to get used to the difference. I love the smooth look of them though.

  6. Hi Cat, thanks so much, I appreciate you taking time to comment. I think I like the ampersand with a few coats of gesso best! Jury is still out!