Monday, March 18, 2013

Cutting Edge

Cutting Edge  8x8 oil on museum board
Lately I've been working behind the scenes
 taking a private week of pure
experimentation and not worrying at all about
the 'finshed' product.
It's a simple luxury that I don't think I
indulge in enough.
Play is the soul food of art that keeps me going.
Please feel free to share your secrets
about what keeps you going on your
creative journey.



  1. I can relate to your pleasure of pure exploration.
    My creative moments usually arrive from frustration over my inability to capture what I am after. I give myself permission to distroy what I have been working on - usually for several hours - and just start trying completely wild shapes or colors. I find myself in a zone of freedom. All critical mindset gone and only pure interest in the outcome.
    I tried several times to comment on this on two different days. Hope this one goes past the security.

  2. Hi Julie, thank you for your dilligence in making this comment. The problem in showing your comment must have something to do with the internet in Malta, and most perhaps my computer. I appreciate you sharing such sage advice about destroying what isn't working and then the freedom to explore, sage advice. I found myself in that zone just yesterday!