Monday, August 25, 2014

Flower Festival

Flower Festival  9x12 oil on board

I did this plein air painting in France last spring when I took
a workshop with Ovanes Berberian,
a true master painter and student of

There were only four of us in the workshop
which was great!  Very unlike the large groups
he has in the states. It was wonderful to get so much
personal direction from a master's perspective.

The best thing about a workshop IMHO is
to be able to focus on painting and not worry about
anything else.
With so much going on about my house I really
relish these memories of the moody French
countryside and just painting, painting, painting!

Thank you for viewing my artwork, your
comments are encouraged and appreciated!


  1. Such a beautiful riot of color. Love your active brush strokes...put down and left alone. Perfect!
    I was still a working gal when I took from Ovanes in Idaho. Of all the workshops or teachers I have had, he was the best at teaching color.
    Keep your masses, the neutrals make your colors glow and watch for warm, cool... I can still hear his voice.

    1. Hi Julie, color really is his love, he's kind to share his expertise with others. He's given me some of the best advice I've ever gotten. Now to just implement it!