Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Man Up

Man Up  12 x 12 oil on museum board

Did I mention where I've been lately?
Did I forget to tell you that we are in the middle
of a ton of reconstruction?
Tons and tons, you get the picture;)

Thanks for following along and viewing my art!


  1. We are both painting blues and golds. Love the red which makes this have a great zing!
    I nearly fell over when I saw your blog on another site. I cam right over and thought I should subscribe again as I have not had anay of the ones below. Feedburner came up that I was already subscribed. Huh! why am I not getting your posts then? I will keep checking.
    I was in Temple this summer - flew into Austin. Really neat city.
    Hope you are settled in and happy. Your paintings look it.

    1. HI Julie, thanks for continuing to follow along! I always enjoy seeing your posts!