Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Workshop with Sunny Apinchapong Yang

Last week I attended a workshop in Scottsdale with Sunny Apinchapong-Yang, a former student of one of my all time favorite painters, Sergei Bongart. Sunny gave me permission to share his demo with you that he did on the first day. 

If you haven't seen his wonderful book called Intuitive Painting, check it out, it's available on Amazon books.  

The workshop was: Painting with emphasis on color:
Still life and Figure.

Sunny starts with laying in large shapes on a toned canvas.

Next he starts adding colorful darks:

Close up of colorful darks:

Then he adds the mid tones:

He continues to cover the canvas:

Then begins to refine:

And Sunny's fabulous finish:

Sunny completed this in about an hour and a half, making it look easy.
He's a wonderful painter, good teacher and has a great sense of humor.
I really enjoyed the workshop and I think all the other nice
people I met there did too.  

Funny story:  Sunny painted this with borrowed paints that students left at the school,
but he did remember to bring his golf clubs!

I hope you enjoyed seeing Sunny's demo process.
Thanks for following along!


  1. Wow, cool to see his process! Thanks for sharing Bruce.

    1. Hi Francesco, thanks for commenting. Sunny really has a great sense of humor so it was lots of fun. Looking forward to hearing more about your faculty demos at the Plein Air Convention. Met a lady recently who attended and loved your demo and work.

  2. Thanks for sharing Bruce. How was he compared to Ovanes method wise. Looks similar to Ovanes painting approach on the blue grey tones surface. Not the transparent wash method

    1. You are exactly right Pat. Since they had the same teacher their approach is similar. You remember in the demo that Ovanes didn't do the transparent wash either? Same was true with Sunny's demo and he says he experiments alot so it's more fun for him. He was a really good teacher and pushed everyone to stick with it and take it to the next level.

  3. Thanks Bruce! Sunny is another painter whose work I've admired for a long time! - It's great to see his process, and great explanations from you, too- I do appreciate getting to see it!!

    1. Hi Roxanne, glad you enjoyed it. Thanks so much for commenting.

  4. This is GREAT, Bruce. I love seeing process shots and seeing how others build a painting. Thanks so much for sharing! :)

    1. Thanks for commenting Laurel, glad you like.

  5. So great to see how he puts down the paint - and the beautiful pure color he uses. Thanks for sharing! Now show us your beautiful work since the workshop! :-)