Thursday, October 22, 2015

Not just a fair weather painter....

Lobster Shack
9x12 oil sold

We had some beautiful weather in Maine at Fall Color Week.  They were
expecting snow the following week so we got out just in time.
It's highly likely that most of the 100 painters that attended will return next year.

I've never been to an event like it before and found it extremely helpful and was able to learn
alot , maybe even more that in a workshop!
The best part was being able to focus completely on painting for a week.

This was painted at one of my favorite spots, Corea, Maine, a little fishing village that 
had everything I could possibly want to paint.

When I paint plein air I don't necessarily try to create a finished painting, although if
that happens great.  My goal is to just react to how the scene effects me emotionally.
This one was started with colorful darks, a colorist approach, and I
continued to use color intuitively, using warm and cool combinations
within the value planes, with the focal being the colorful buoys on the fence.

And some of our weather was not so nice....
This is actual proof that I'm not just a fair weather painter!

The painting I did was interrupted before I was able to finish and I chose not to try to finish it later.
I had plans to make the lower half of the painting very abstract with expressive brush strokes.
But those plans got washed away, literally.
It started raining so hard that I couldn't get anything to stick and called it quits and joined my friends in the car.
What I took away from the experience is that there are some things that I like about the painting.
Those being: I do like the soft combination of muted orange and green, the atmosphere and mood,
and the richness of color that shows up on a very gray day.

Slippery Slope 12 x 16 oil

Thanks for viewing my artwork. I know this post
is a little long, but we had a busy week  and
I appreciate you letting me share it with you.

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  1. First...let me recover from the arrow of envy that went right through my heart....okay...lucky you to be able to be in such a wonderful place immersed in your art. Lobster Shack captures the high sunlight perfectly, and has a wonderful design too. Neat seeing the difference in palette on the rainy day painting and admit to liking the yellow poncho so much I may go looking for one. Great post and not too long at all.

    1. Thanks Julie, it was really funny, a car drove by and stopped and a man got out in shorts and t-shirt(obviously a local!). I was wearing long underware and my gear from Antarctica! He asked if he could take a picture for the Schoodic blog, he loved the yellow slicker. Said it was perfect for Maine in the rain.:))))