Thursday, July 28, 2016

Minstrel painting progression and tips on inspiration

9x12 oil on board

I had alot of fun painting this one. I even remembered to take photos along the
way so I made a progression video you can see

Why did I have so much fun?  
I'd like to share something special with you because I 
don't think you can ever have too much encouragement or inspiration
no matter where you are on your artistic journey.

Whether you're just beginning, somewhere in the middle or a tad bit
over-seasoned.  I'm a big Dreama Tolle Perry fan and she has developed
an online course that offers something for everyone.
  It's loaded with great tips and
techniques that are fun to experiment with and add to your routine if you like.

It's about much more than how to paint.
For me it's about learning to LOVE to paint again and the 
simple joy of the creative process.

She's starting another year long course in September and you can read about it here:
You can even win a free course so check it out!
I think she's going someplace fabulous next year and you can too without even taking out your passport;))))

My version of the exercise in week two.
Dreama's Cupcake

I find these exercises to be a great warm up and then you can bake your own cupcakes 
just the way you like. 

I had an attitude adjustment about my approach to painting and was able
to release my judgement and attachment to outcome.
(just one painting at a time;)
And THAT is why I had so much fun painting the Minstrel.

Happy painting and thanks for following along!


  1. I relate to judgement and am happy to hear you have got so much out of the marvelous Dreama's online course. Wish I could afford it!.I didn't know she was offering a chance to win one so I will take a look.
    I enlarged the Minstral and marveled at your colors and brushwork and
    then I saw the cupcake ...i thought you were showing one of her paintings until I read through. You are such a good painter, you can do it all!

    1. Thank you Julie for your encouraging comment! So happy you like the painting. Dreama's course is surprisingly affordable considering the massive amount of inspiring content. You'll be amazed and delighted. We can never get too much encouragement and inspiration can we? Good luck with your show! Can't wait to see your work.

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