Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Turk and Caicos- low down on the hoe down

Turks and Caicos Girl Party!

This is a vaycay that’s hard to let go of.  I think the frozen mojito at lunch put me in sort of island coma that let everything stressful in my life just sail away..  I was born on a beach and actually spent most of my time crabbing, clamming, and building elaborate cities in the sand. OH, and did I mention I was a mermaid, when I wasn’t being a cowboy or an Indian, sorry,Native American, and I do mean that with respect.  They got a bad deal.

There’s nothing like ‘island time’, hot sand and cool water, to put you in your happy place.  Good friends reconnecting, kayaking, snorkeling, and biking.  I’m also proud to announce that we got security called on us 3, yes 3 TIMES for having too much fun.  I know!  Thanks!

I don’t usually blah blah so much but I did want to mention that in spite of all the partying, I managed to paint a little bit.  I’ll break up all the gossip over a few posts, because I’ll have more to tell you about when I get back from the American Impressionist Show in Costa Mesa, CA, this weekend.

 More about painting and water soluble oils tomorrow....

Special thanks to my pal Mary Hall who I have been friends with my entire life for her efforts in doing a lot of the heavy planning.  I so proud of the entire group for making the effort to go. While we often go our separate ways due to circumstances, the most wonderful friendships are those where you can just pick right up where you left off  like you never missed a beat.  These friendships and experiences become jewels woven into the fabric of who you are. Treasures.

Right around the corner: Plein Air Convention 2017


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  1. Words can't convey the good times we had and the love I have for these girls! It was so special to celebrate 60 years of friendship with my dear friend Bruce. Did I say 60, I meant 40!!

    1. You definitely mean 40. Either that or you're getting senile!

  2. What a joyful post. There is something very special about our female friends and I admire the way you keep the friendships alive. I agree - TREASURES!
    I also love the way you said you were proud of security called 3 times. I had a big grin of understanding reading that.

    1. Hi Julie, I appreciate that you took the time to comment and thanks for understanding;)))