Monday, July 2, 2012

Green Striped Apples

Green Striped Apples 6"x 6" oil on board

This striped painting put me in a happy mood.
I usually don't use an analogous color scheme
(colors that are next to each other on the color wheel)
but I like the harmony it creates.
Maybe I'll experiment with it more often.



  1. This one makes me happy too.
    Love the colors and the stripes in the back for a little change. Good to move things around isn't it?

  2. Hi Julie, Thanks for your comment. I feel like this one is a little more traditional in the set up but I really experimented with the color and application. I'm surprised I haven't jumped around more, but everytime I paint the stripes they are so different I can't get bored. Next one I'm starting is a little bigger. I've enjoyed seeing you fracture your landscapes. Change keeps us fresh!

  3. Hi, Bruce! I am a big fan of your fruit pieces, and today this is my favorite. The cool blue and green colors suggest the scent and flavor of a cold Granny Smith apple.