Thursday, July 5, 2012


Persuasion  16" x 20 " oil on canvas

This is part of my ongoing series of women reading.
I love to read and I love to paint figures so this is how the 
series began, combining two of my favorite things.
I do alot of the small studies but I usually
have a larger piece going on
at the same time.
Personally I like to vary my size and genre and to
switch it around often.  It keeps me from feeling locked into
only working one way.


  1. What a wonderful redhead, Bruce. The green is the perfect accent.
    I agree with you. I too, usually have a larger piece to nibble on when I get stuck on my daily small piece.

  2. HI Julie,
    Thanks for your comment. I love to hear how other artists work. I like the way you switch around too- from still life to landscape.