Thursday, November 15, 2012

French Table

French Table 20 x 20 Oil on Canvas Gallery Wrapped

This isn't my French kitchen, it belongs to a friend of mine who is 
quite a collector of table cloths. And everyone knows a
good French table isn't complete with a table cloth
and of course fresh flowers.


  1. This is rather special. I love the light and the colors. beautiful, Bruce.

  2. Thanks you Julie, I hardly ever use red, but you inspired me! Wish I could find a red tea pot, like you!

  3. Bruce - do what I do. I was lucky enough to find several red teapots but get a white teapot and paint it any color you feel like painting in acrylic. Soak it in the sink afterward and all the paint comes off. I have a collection of bowl I have done this too. Some are different colors an each side!

  4. Hey Julie, I'm starting to think you are a true genius! I did see a white tea pot I could do that to. I should have figured that out when I saw you paint the apple for your still life. Thanks!