Friday, June 7, 2013

Gale Force

Watch Tower at Dusk  9 x 12 oil on board
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Interested in a little history of the watch towers that cover Malta?
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My friend Jeni and I went out the other evening to paint the 'magic hour'.
That particular day was very special because we actually had clouds
in Malta, which normally has deep blue cloudless skies. 

The unusual weather was also accompanied by gale force winds.
I'm not kidding, seriously, it was a moderate gale
but, hey, it was still as gale.

Tie down the Solteck, tape the palette in place, and just forget the visor.
Afterward we had a good laugh at what our hair looked like:
We looked alot like my buddy Robi:)
'They' always say that pets and their humans look alike.....


  1. Exactly the weather we had in Malta in March ... For 3 days! I can't imagine painting in that wind - you're brave!

  2. Wow, great sky, you really held all the other parts in reserve,darker,duller, to have the sun sing

    1. Hi Pat, thanks for commenting. I was trying to do what Ovanes told me and BLEND:)

  3. Gorgeous color. You are very brave to paint in the wind. I had a brush go right through the canvas one time - it was such a shock how fast it happened.
    Ovanis told you to blend? That is interesting. The edges or a whole area? It is so many years since I took from him he has bound to have changed. He had color and value changes made in steps to put down and leave alone. Whatever he taught you sure works. The sky is lovely.

  4. Hi Julie, thanks! A lot of the blending is done on the palette to get the colors to harmonize. I guess the easiest way to explain is: if you have a green vase and you place and warm and cool green next to each other, blend those together to get a third transition color. Then you can go back in with another color later if needed. Hope your workshops are going well and you're looking forward to your vacation!

    1. Thanks Bruce for taking the time to explain. Yes, warm, cool and transition color. It is the same. I bet he still premixed piles of neutral/greys on the side of his palette - beautiful ones.

    2. Yes Julie, you're right. I've been mixing mouse colors and keeping them on the lower edge of my palette for years now, but the difference is that Ovanes will use those before he ever used white, makes for some very complex and beautiful variations:)