Thursday, June 13, 2013

Standing Against the Wind

Standing Against the Wind  9x12 oil on board

It's been unseasonably windy in Malta.  It wasn't quite
gale force winds today.  How do I know? This time
I managed to actually keep my visor on, but
everything else still needed to be taped or weighted down.
We still had a good time in the garden just outside
of the capital Valetta. You can see part of
the old wall that still surrounds the city.


  1. Beautiful work..Also love the dog portrait

  2. Thanks for commenting Page, I'm a big fan of your juicy and delicious work!

  3. I love the color of your sunlight on the wall and palm trees. It makes that delicious band of blue shadow really pop. You did a great job of making me "feel" the wind with those leaning palms.

  4. Thanks so much Julie, I felt exactly like those palms look!

  5. Nice one, love the colours and the beautiful blue sky.............