Friday, October 25, 2013

At the end of the day

"Happiness is found in friendships we make along the way."
Where shall I start?

To my good friends near and far, I couldn't have made it through this move without you. 
And special thanks to those who came to visit (three different sets of them) and help me re-acclimate to my French life.  I couldn't have indulged in all the laughter,
the decadent cuisine, the incredible desserts, foie gras, meursault , chocolate, award winning macaroons
 all by myself now could I?
After all, what are friends for?
Thanks for the calories, I mean, memories!

Now it's time to, squeeze back into my work britches.
It must have been the French who invented sans a belt pants.

At the End of the Day 6x6 oil on museum board

I loved the quiet intimate mood of this couple.  I can only guess what they were discussing. You might be about to tell whether you're a optimist or a pessimist by what you think they are saying.

I worked on this painting in the morning but wasn't satisfied with it and moved on to
something else. Just when I was about to clean up for the day I decided to pull
it back out and do a "make it or break it" maneuver.
I had a few colors left on my palette and some nice gray mixes.  I went back into
the painting, eliminated all the fussy detail, and kept what I felt was essential.

 I can only speculate on this couple's conversation and it was the same with the
painting process. I took a gamble and gave it a shot. In this
case I like what happened at the end of the day.


  1. glad the move went this loose and free...

  2. All you work is so enticing. Beautiful. And at the end of the day I love a book and the comfort of my home.

  3. I really like what you did with the painting. Simplified it but active brush marks give interest and energy.
    How lovely your friends visited. Food and drink. The cornerstone of hospitality the world over!

    1. Thank you Julie, I so appreciate your comments!