Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Meet the Neighbors

Meet the Neighbors  8 x 16 Oil on Canvas

Slowly but surely I'm getting more settled everyday in France.
That means I have more time and energy to paint!

I wanted to introduce you to my neighbors. They were
practically begging me to do this family portrait.
Robi and I met these guys just about a mile away from our
house when we decided to head down a new trail
we hadn't explored before. 

As I've said before, new inspiration waits around
every corner.
Ahh, France!


  1. Oh Bruce,
    These are wonderful neighbors. What a gorgeous view you have painted. I love your style. And love following your blog. Hope your move went smoothly. Where in France are you?

    1. Thanks Susan, we're right in the heart of France, in Burgundy!
      Getting settled in nicely now.