Wednesday, November 1, 2017


oil 12 x 12

It's truly rewarding to be able to paint something for someone that
they are so emotionally attached to, like our beloved pets.
Ron and Simon belong to Bella and they were
delighted, I'm happy to report.

Did I mention that Ron is my hairdresser extraordinaire?
They own Salon Vela in Austin.
I kid you not, I never got compliments on my hair, pre-Ron.
Now I get them frequently:)))) and I ALWAYS respond:
"It's not my hair, it's my hair dresser!"

Info for artists:

Bella provided a unique painting challenge.  Her brindle coat needed to be built up slowly in layers so that it looked integrated and not pasted on, so it was a process of trial and error.  Also she had to have her left eye removed and I needed to recreate a new one without replicating the other exactly.  No two eyes are ever the same. Bella is a cherished beauty.


  1. Bella is a wonderful painting. I had a totally emotional response when I first saw her. My heart flipped...always a good reaction because some pet paintings have no matter how well painted.
    Lucky you finding the right hairdresser. I would definitely visit if I lived there.

    1. Thank you for your comment Julie, I'm glad you responded to the painting. Ron literally changed my life! Keep searching.x