Thursday, June 21, 2012

Green Striped Cherry Tomatoes

Green Striped Cherry Tomatoes  6 x 6 oil on board

One of the really nice things about living in Malta is that
Italy is only a ferry ride away.  And of course the
whole world knows that Italy has the most
tomatoes on the planet.
If you don't believe me just ask my buddy
he'll back me up on this.

Agree or disagree?


  1. Congratulations on winning a Dreama "Carte Postale"!!!!!
    Nice tomato painting. I will look at your whole blog later....

  2. Hi Marilyn-- Yes I was super lucky!!!
    I have a free monthly give away too- if you're signed up for my newsletter- hint-hint;)) It's a collection of 6 note cards I call French Letters of paintings I did in France. Nice to meet you and thanks for your comment!