Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Magenta Striped Lemons

Magenta Striped Lemons  6" x 6" oil on board

Still striping away. 
I mentioned before that I do all these with the same
blue and white striped towel and make up the colors except for
the fruit.

About the process:
I've been asked about how I change the colors so
I thought I've give you a little more detail.
Basically I just use my imagination and/or pick an Analogous or Complementary color
combo from either the tradition or Munsell color wheel.
Then I make up a darker and lighter color for
each stripe. Sometimes I have to
play around a bit to get it to read "right".
A lot of the decision making is intuitive and about what appeals to me
I don't think we need to be enslaved by the subject and simply copy
what's in front of us.
How do you feel about this topic?

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