Thursday, June 7, 2012

Striped Cherry Cup

Striped Cherry Cup  6" x 6" oil on board

This was inspired by the Daily Paintworks striped challenge.
I've painted this cloth before and this was a good excuse to paint it again.
It's lots of fun!
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  1. I love these last two high angle cherry paintings. Lovely.

  2. Hi Nora,

    Thanks for you comment. You'll probably see more soon, it's looks like it's going to be a fruit- filled

  3. Yum!
    May it be a simply luscious summer on Malta '-)

    And thanks sooo much for mentioning the 'Luna See' in your newsletter...much appreciated.

  4. Hey Donna, my pleasure! A friend has already check out your site- she's an aquarian like you and loved you stuff. What goes around, comes around! xo