Thursday, May 2, 2013


A-pear-atif  6x6 oil on museum board
I found these precious miniature pears in the
grocery and couldn't resist buying them
to paint.
They went really well with a glass of
white wine,  visually that is:)
Thanks so much for viewing my artwork
and taking the time to comment.
You complete me:)


  1. The softness yet pleasure of fruit and flowers and wine make such a lovely composition. I really admire your painting style Bruce.

  2. Thanks so much Susan. I'll be taking a workshop with Ovanes Berberian this month and I hope to post about that, so please keep following along. We'll be in the French countryside so I might not have WiFi. If that's the case I'll post about it when I return. He's a fantastic colorist, I know I'll learn alot!