Wednesday, May 8, 2013



I'm leaving for France early in a.m. for a petit sejour
followed by a ten day workshop with
Ovanes Berberian!
Not complaining at all:)))))))) Silly grin.

I hope to post if WiFi is available, but in the
countryside of Burgundy, anything can happen.
If I run into technical difficulties,
I  promise to share when I return at the end of May.
Thanks for staying tuned....

Yes!  Off to France, tra la la, tra la la!

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  1. Hi Bruce . look forward to joining you in France . I checked with Susan and the place where we are staying does have wifi ( but as you suggested who knows how reliable) and they have a washing machine . My art supplies are taking up most of the room in my luggage so I have to cut back on clothes. Do you use panel carriers to bring your wet paintings home or do you have another method?