Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Sunny and Stormy

The weather forecast in France has been sunny and stormy.  The sunny part means times when it's not actually sunny, but it's not storming or raining.  We have a big tent set up that we can work under that is great. Ovanes and his assistant Susan had to tie it down for us yesterday because of the wind gusts.  Now I don't have to worry about it falling on my head:) Whew, I only have to worry about how to paint.

Since I'm doing mostly studies to try to incorporate what I'm learning I don't really have any finished paintings to post.  But I want to share a landscape that I did with a little help from my friend;)  I did the underpainting and the fence and most of the middle ground and I was very pleased that he actually left my mark making.  There's nothing like a more experienced artist touching up a painting to help me SEE how it should be done:) It's great to have this for future reference.

My landscape study:


  1. Thanks Susan, I appreciate you commenting!

  2. In some way it reminds me of Camille P. s work....(besides the vibrant color) there are very definite, strong masses....that give depth to the painting!

  3. Thanks Roxanne, I'm a Camille fan. I love her colors and have taken a workshop(two) with her:)

  4. Hi Bruce,

    Could you not post your studies for us to see? Surely that would give us interesting insights into what you're up to? Like the landscape, by the way :0) Weather is a total pain at the mo - haven't been out once this year!

  5. Hi Alan, The weather in France has been terrible, but it was really good for me to try to paint so many gray days, and still life outdoors in the rain. I did about ten studies and I'm not sure yet about showing them. I'll take them out of the box, look them over and will probably post at least cropped sections of some of them when I've had a chance to let my reflections sink in;) Thanks for following along!