Thursday, September 12, 2013

Fond Farewell

The time has come to say a sad farewell to Malta.
Special thanks to all my friends that have
made life here so wonderful.
Good times:)

There have been so many inspiring places and people in Malta
I can't begin to name them all.

I'd like to leave you with a short video I made here of
the Blue Grotto.  I incorrectly named it Blue Lagoon
at the time and stand corrected, but you can
see how beautiful it really is here.

Now a new adventure begins!

Next week we head to France.  Stay tuned....



  1. Look forward to hearing from on your new adventure, sorry I wont see you when we return, but we shall meet again I am sure

    CAROl x

  2. Hi Carol, I'll look forward to seeing you again:) xo
    Keep lookin' up!

  3. Love the photo of you with your friends - all beautiful ladies for sure. The hardest part of moving is having to leave good friends.
    I enjoyed seeing the stunning Blue Grotto