Monday, September 30, 2013

View From Epertully

What does a Maltese taxi driver, road signs, and caution have in common?
Absolutely nothing!

After the white knuckle drive, my friend Jeni Caurana and I needed some time to 
unwind and recover from PTS syndrome.
There's nothing like a few French lunches and some time painting plein air to
set things right again.
Robi is hanging out and loving the wet grass.  Does he have on a leash?
Some of you might be wondering.  I left it on for his protection.
We are in the middle of Charolais cow country and those big
mommas can be very protective of their babies.
They wander around the fields all day and if they get too close I
can grab Robi before they do!

You might recognize the bush on the right side of my painting
from the bush on the left in the photo above.  In Malta, that
would have definitely been a tree. Can't imagine two places that are
more different.
View From Epertully 9x12 oil on board

I want to thank everyone so much for all the wonderful birthday wishes you sent
me yesterday.  I had a fantastic birthday and spent part of the day at a 
BBQ at the local camp grounds.
Nice of these two Frenchmen to get up early and throw a party on my special day:)
I'm getting settled in nicely now and almost finished with unpacking boxes,


  1. It is! I love it in the winter when some of the green fades and the mountains take on a purple cast too :) Thanks for taking the time to comment!

  2. how funny that this post should come up now - FOUR YEARS later; I rephotographed the paintings I did on that trip only the other day.....
    Ah such memories!!

    1. Good times and a life changing ride over the Alps! We are survivors !!!!