Friday, December 16, 2011


Escape  18"x24"  Oil on Canvas

No I haven't retired, I've been visiting my family in the states for my first Thanksgiving in six years. It was fabulous and I even ventured out the following day to the mall on Black Friday for some shopping and great people watching. I loved every minute of it!

I did this piece upon my return. Women reading seems to be an ongoing theme for me. I was trying to paint more directly, thoughtfully progressing and finishing off a section at a time.  If I wasn't happy with it, I'd scrape off the paint and start again. I was also sticking with cool lights and warm darks.

I won't be posting again until the second week in January. We're going to Bali over the holidays, someplace I've always wanted to visit. I can't wait to paint the beautiful tropical surroundings to share with you when I return to Malta.

Best wishes to create a magical New Year.