Wednesday, March 13, 2019

What are friends for?

My painting pal, Robin Cheers, is doing a video for Liledahl Videos.
She asked me along for moral support and I gladly accepted!
Friends make our lives so much more interesting and give us more experiences than 
we would ever have on our own.

I met her at the studio earlier this week and found it so interesting I thought I'd blog about it.
The studio is tricked out with the same cameras they use on network TV and movie sets.
Also it's sound proofed and they have 4 cameras running at once.
One on the palette, one on the artwork, and two on Robin.

First, she did a really cool water based sketching technique with graphite
and water pens to help her determine her composition.
You can take it anywhere with you too!

Meet Scott and Trevor the guys who make everything perfect.

Then she started on a white canvas:

and shared her way of simplifying and blocking in.
Also her special way of mixing and applying color.
I was super inspired and know it's going to be a great video.

So if you want to keep your brushwork loose and unique
look for this video when it's released in June.
Well done Robin!