Thursday, February 28, 2013

Shaken Not Stirred

Shaken Not Stirred  6x6 oil on board

I'm still having fun with colors, reflection and
the distortions created by liquid in colored glass.

I tried something with this painting that I've never done
before. My friend, Abbey Ryan, suggested I try
painting on a palette the same color as I toned my canvas.
That's right quinacridone red!

I usually work on a mid tone palette so I can easily tell
what value the color I mix is, on the light side or the dark side.
Sometimes I work on a white paper palette which is 
super easy clean up, especially outdoors.
But a hot pink palette?
It was crazy confusing for me at first but I really 
started getting into it and want to experiment with this some more. 

I did this by painting paper the same color as I toned the canvas
and placed it on the mixing area of my canvas. 
Then I put a piece of glass on top and proceed as usual,
well almost as usual.

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

All In

All In  16 x 20  Oil on Canvas
I'm really getting into this gaming series. This one is
quite a bit larger and took me about four painting
sessions to compete. Yet it was a pure
pleasure to paint!
There are alot of details in a painting like this
but my goal was to keep it as loose as possible.
I think the key to keeping the painting as
direct as possible is to be as
accurate as possible with the drawing underneath
before any real painting is done.
Fortunately I really like to draw and find
it very soothing.

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Two Pair

Two Pair 8x8 oil on museum board

Most of the work on this painting was done before I ever
dipped a brush into the paint.  It actually took me
a couple of days to get the set up right. 
Then I did about ten preliminary black and white
sketches, trying to simplify each time down to
three values. 

 By the time I got to
the actual painting things went pretty smoothly:)
I painted it in one day, then let it dry a  bit
and added the finishing touches the next day.
That's the way I like to work the best, 
looking at it the following day to get a fresh perspective.

Monday, February 11, 2013

Red Drink Down

Red Drink Down 6x6 oil on board

I'm really having a good time with this theme and
the abstract quality in the glasses.  I stayed with my
one inch brush much longer on this
version and it made my 
painting time a little shorter:)))

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Le Marais

Le Marais 6x6 oil on board

I rented an apartment in the Marais with a friend. It was a wonderful
central location in Paris very close to the Latin Quarter.
We spent lots of time at a cafe close to where
we 'lived'. Maybe it was because the apartment was
a little on the small side, but it seemed like everyone would
just hang out, talk on the phone, or pay bills.

Just give me my sketch pad= bliss!

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Three Martini Floor

Three Martini Floor 6x6 oil on museum board
This painting was inspired by my friend Patti Mollica.
She made a cool artbyte on Daily Paintworks
She had done some martini paintings that I really admired.
I have some in my studio and this was my
excuse to give painting them a whirl.
This is how it went:
The Daily Paintworks challenge was to try a style of
another painter on the site whose work I admire.
I really want to be faster, looser, and bolder so
it was a no brainer for me to try to
use some of Patti's suggestions from her artbyte.
I would have loved to nit pick things more and 'fixed' stuff.
But I resisted!
I started with a one inch brush, but switched down to a half
inch when it started getting muddy.  I set the timer trying to spend only
ten minutes on each glass but spent fifteen instead.
It took 30 minutes to draw and stain the canvas,
45 minutes for the glasses
and another 15 to finish it off.
(That's not counting the photographs!)
So one and a half hours to paint this.
That's my best ever time!
Normally it takes me three hours.
Please let me know what you think, I enjoy the feed back.

Monday, February 4, 2013

Book Enthusiast

Book Enthusiast  6x6 oil on board
When I saw this collector on the left bank in Paris
I had to snap a reference photo to
bring back to my studio.
I love a good book don't you?

I'm trying to stay as loose as possible and still give you 
enough information to understand the subject.
It's a really fun process inspired by my 
recent flirtation with watercolors.
Thanks for viewing and comments are welcomed!


Friday, February 1, 2013

January Collage


These are some of my favorites that I painted over
the last month, not all, but hey, this is what fit in the format;)
As I said in my last post,
the challenge was a fantastic motivator
and lots of fun(at times);)
The best part was meeting great new friends
and seeing lots of inspirational artwork.
Thank you everyone for your 

See you soon!

Country French Vines

Country French Vines  6x6 oil on board

The recent challenge to paint 30 paintings in 30 days
was great!
Sometimes it was fun and sometimes not so much.
I didn't get to 30 but feel like I did as well
as I could considering I was abroad for twelve days.
It was like attending Procrastinators Anonymous for big time
wasters like me who can loose focus in a heartbeat.
But the best part of participating, besides the motivation to
get my booty in gear, was seeing lots of fabulous art and
making so many wonderful new artists friends. 
Thanks to all for your encouraging comments
and lets stay connected!