Monday, February 26, 2018

Arrowhead finds good home:)

Glamour Shot

The RS Hanna Spring Showcase is going to have an Artwalk
this Friday in Fredericksburg, Texas.
208 South Llano Street

If you can't stop by to say hi you can take a 
virtual tour here.

I had to say good buy;) to one of my favorite
longhorns, Arrowhead, but it's OK.
I know she went to a very good home with
humans that love her.

Thanks for following along.

Sunday, February 25, 2018

Picking Up Lunch

Picking Up Lunch
10 x 20 
oil on aluminum 

I was bummed when Picking Up Lunch didn't
get into the OPA Show, but that's the
way things go. No worries.
There's always another show.

This painting is headed back home to Va. Beach and will
be available through Beach Gallery.
The show is called Life On The Lynnhaven.

One of my favorite things about growing up in that area are the ospreys.
They were almost wiped out because of DDT used
in the 60's and it's wonderful to see them
make a come back.

They have unique characteristics including mating for life and 
often returning to the same nest to breed in year after year. My favorite 
osprey watching spot is Seashore State Park in Va. Beach.

Thanks for following along:)

P.S.- I just want to add that photographing this painting
is very different on the aluminum because it's
hard to capture the shiny surface peeking through like
it looks in ambient light.
If there are any top notch photographers out there with some
tips for me, please share.