Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Passion for Pink

Passion for Pink 6 x 6 oil on board

Julie Ford Oliver gave me the tip that this painting was perfect for breast cancer awareness month.  I've decided to donate all proceeds of this piece to Breast Cancer research, or an associated charity of your choice. Even though it's the end of the month, it doesn't matter, the fight continues all year long.

I love pink and this is a bottle of my favorite French perfume Reminiscence.
Combine that with my fetish for make up and
nail polish and the result is a painting
that feels as yummy as a cup cake to me.
I could label this one 'dirty little secrets' or 'cheap thrills'.
We all have them.....what's yours?

Monday, October 29, 2012

Table For Two

Table For Two  6 x 6 oil on board
What is the allure of a French table?
Is it the unhurried approach with plenty of time to savor
unforgettable flavors? The crisp linens and attention
to detail? The amuse bouche or the sorbet between
When we Americans invented the 'lunch in 12
minutes or it's free', what were we thinking?
Is it worth it?

Friday, October 19, 2012

Purple Polka-dot Pot

Purple Polka-dot Pot  6 x 6 oil on board
I was searching for striped fabric when I ran across this
polka-dot piece that I had to have. I went
a little crazy with the stripes and dots but
enjoyed every minute of it. Since there
was a lot of action in the light areas I tried to keep all
the darks very simple.
This might sound silly but it reminds me of a heavy little
tug boat chugging up stream through a
sea of fabric.
I grew up on the water watching the tugboats work
and always thought they were amazing.

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Calming Chamomile

Calming Chamomile 6 x 6 oil on board
This is a painting I did for the Daily Paintworks Challenge to
paint an emotion.
I chose the soft positive emotion of calm.  I find that
lots of my paintings have this feeling or theme,
maybe because that's how I feel when I paint.
I chose to use soft analogous color harmony to help convey
a soothing feeling, like Chamomile tea.
Life can be chaotic and hectic so I like to create a sense of
serenity when I come to the canvas.
Do you feel you emotions come through when you create?

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Bubble Gum Tea

Bubble Gum Tea  6 x 6 oil on board
I love the colors of this tea towel with my purple tea pot, but it was
a little tricky to paint.  The problem was that the towel
colors were very dark, even in the light so it was hard to
create a light/ dark pattern when everything was so
close to the same colors.
I just decided to have fun with the surface texture, the mark
making and the colors.
The colors reminded me of bubble gum flavors: grape,
cherry, cotton candy- is that a flavor?