Saturday, September 29, 2012

Blooming Color Give Away

It's my birthday so I can do what I want to- isn't that
a song?  If not it should be.  I'm back from a great time
stateside in Austin, Texas visiting with friend and family just
in time to who I'm giving what to on my special day.

The winner of this fine art print- Blooming Color -is
Edward Mills!
Send me your mailing address Ed and I'll ship it out to you
framed and ready to hang in your home. 

This was so much fun I think I'll do it again soon.
To join in the give away game follow my blog, facebook page,
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by clicking here and visiting my website.


  1. Happy Birthday to youuuu...I am singing it!
    Your day will be almost over when you get this but I hope you enjoyed a marvelous time and hubby treated you like a queen.
    Love the colors in the fabulous rose.

  2. Thanks Julie, and his birthday is today so it's a double celebration. We bought ourselves some kickin' cowboy boots in Texas, probably a must have where you are with all the snakes and BIG spiders and 'things';))

  3. Would love to see you in those boots. Everyone swears by them here. I have a high instep and cannot even get them on! They are protective when on the desert that is for sure. (You must have scorpions there.)
    Looking forward to your next post. Is it taking time to get back into the routine after your trip

  4. Hi Julie,
    Yes I'm still jet lagged, but have started teaching again and working on larger things! Back to posting soon, promise!