Saturday, September 1, 2012

Blue Moon Music

Blue Moon Music  6" x 9" Ipad
You're surprised right? Since this blog is about my creative
process I thought I'd share this.
Last night was a blue moon which is rare and I went
with some of my friends to the Bridge Bar in Malta to
listen to jazz.  It couldn't have been a more
beautiful night.
I'm glad I brought along my Ipad and we
had lots of fun playing with it.


  1. I really like the jazzy poster look of your piece. Do you think you could paint like that or even want to?
    The image has so much energy and vibrancy.
    Which ap do you have?

  2. Hi Julie,
    I always love to hear your perspective. I hadn't really thought about painting that way, but maybe I should! It would be great fun! I use free draw on my ipad, and app I downloaded. On my computer I have Both are limited but I like the 'kiss' principle vs. too complicated!