Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Fresh Tomatoes

Fresh Tomatoes  28" x 24" oil on canvas
Small paintings are fun to work on but so are larger pieces.
Sometimes I feel like I need more s p a c e .
This little old man eyeing the tomato carton caught
my attention in this Italian Market.
I'm drawn to the people that have the most
expat twist:
I was going to post this yesterday but we had our
first rain here since spring.  It always brings alot of
dangerous flooding, lightening and of course
electrical black outs.
Hence no Internet to post.


  1. This has a lovely, sensitive mood to it Bruce, but
    after the blast of color from the phone paintings it looks like a different artist painted it. I am curious...so I went back on your blog.
    Did you do this in the same way as your demo of Cherry on Top? Or was your approach different? I can see the similarity with the beach paintings but this one appears to be different.

    I really admire the way everything you do has a very professional and accomplished look to it. Is there a way you prefer? Is there a look you are working towards? Questions, questions...but I am genuinely interested.

  2. LOL- I guess I have ADD! I experiment alot! The Cherry on Top/ stripes/ is a more recent approach because I never used to work small until I started my blog this year. It's fast and direct like small paintings can be and I'm doing more. The phone was pure play and experimentation. The market scenes are something that I've been doing a long time and it takes me a few days to complete and I have room to mess with the surface texture more. It amazes me how you can make your small paintings look like big ones! As for color combinations, I try to express a mood and it varies with mine, so it's literally a spontaneous choice of the day. I guess I should stick with one look for consistancy but it never turns out that way- I can't follow a receipe either!

    1. Thanks for engaging in this exchange, Bruce.
      I am always interested in what I see you do because there is a quality of excellence about it that always shines through, no matter what.
      I was wondering if the underneath start was the same on all of them, but you answered that when you said direct approach versus one you can keep nibbling on.
      Keep on doing what you are doing...you are never boring so it works for me!

  3. That's kind of you to say Julie, thank you. There is truth in what you say- I've been called lots of things and boring wasn't one of them!