Thursday, September 8, 2011


Ramon  9 x 12  oil on canvas

This is Ramon.  He sort of reminds me of a Maltese version of the godfather with his super cool shades. Isn't it strange how different we all look even though we all have two eyes, one nose, and so on?  These head studies are fascinating me so I keep painting them!
What do you think helps artists capture someone's unique personality even though we all have similiar bone structure? (besides the slight variations for race, sex and age )?????


  1. Steve Farrugia commented on your link.

    Steve wrote:"Bruce, I believe that an artist must attain a form of spiritual connection to the subject/sitter in order to understand what's deeper than the surface contours and tones. This, I believe you do in all your work, or as far as I have seen at least :)"

  2. Beth Copeland
    I think it's all about our facial expressions and mannerisms - They're such a huge reflection of what's inside - Especially the looks in people's eyes. You know how there are some people who no matter what particular emtion they're experie...See More

  3. Susan Waitt said: Bruce -- I believe an artist must literally inhabit their subject by empathising with them. It is an emotional connection . As a sometimes -cartoonist, it is essential for me to expand on and exaggerate the basic emotion coming through -- sadness, mildness, fierceness, clarity -- Yes these are all seen shining through the eyes -- but in every feature and mannerism, too. From what I have seen in your paintings Bruce, you are keenly able to access that emotive quality and translate it to the canvas. Emotional connection!! That's the key element after technical ability. Susan