Monday, March 21, 2016

Joie de peindre en plein air!

Cuban Mariachi
12 x 9
oil on museum board

This was a painting I started in Cuba.
I seem to paint alot of musicians
because I'm attracted to the energy and the feeling of celebration.
They move like crazy and eventually leave.
I know, you'd like I'd catch on.
They left in about 15 minutes and I didn't even get a photo of them!
So I decided to carry on with the background.
After about 20 minutes they closed the curtain to the arcade!
Plein air, French for outdoors, has it's own special challenges.
That's why I named this post:
Joie de peindre en plein air!

My friend Brenda Boylan who went on the trip too Cuba too
painted this same scene from the other side of the arcade.
It's so interesting to me to see different artist's
interpretation of the same place.
Check out her version

Thanks for letting me share my art/life with you.

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  1. You did manage to capture the activity of the group and I am in awe of that painterly feat. I like Brenda's also. So different, but you both saw the purple clothes.

    1. Thank you Julie for taking the time to comment and to check out Brenda's colorful work!