Friday, November 20, 2020

Bruce Bingham Where's You Hat?

After I posted by last process of painting blog, I have time to reflect on the painting and look at it with fresh eyes.

A couple of things bothered me so I changed them.

Problem solved:)

Bruce Bingham

Oil 9x 12

Where's Your Hat?

Before above


I feel betta now.





  1. Okay Bruce, I thought I had a pretty discerning eye, but I can't find any significant differences between before and after. Can you be more specific? Or are you "just having us all on"?

  2. Hi Kirk, I'm glad you asked. 1- the saddle blanket on the back of the white horse, I changed the value to turn darker so it wraps around the horse. 2- I slightly darkened the bottom side of the white tail to give it more dimension. 3- I lightened the saddle area slightly behind the arm of the white horses rider. 4-I adjusted the girl with the hat's face and chest area, added a touch of blue, then lightened the top of the right arm and shoulder and added a hint of highlight on what would be her left shoulder. Finally I fiddled with the values of the shadow on the bottom left side of the trough to make it look more anchored and round. That's about it:)