Tuesday, July 2, 2013

50 Scarfs and 150 Pounds

Le Vieux Couvent, Frayssinet, France

What do 50 scarfs and 150 pounds have in common?
The BEST workshop ever!

That's right, we were the ultimate consumers in every since
of the word.  I might actually be underestimating that
we gained 150 lbs.collectively, the number could be higher,
and we all did out best to keep the local economy going too.

Dreama managed to keep us all somewhat on track
with lots of demos and chocolate tastings.

If you get a chance to do a workshop with Dreama or
visit this charming French B & B- 
go for it!

I'm home again and sorting through my suitcases-
Postcard winners will be announced tomorrow!

Thanks for following along:)))))


  1. Sounds like a wonderful workshop!

  2. Oh I am so envious. My office mates parents had owned part of a chateau in Surlot for many years and I had been offered to go and never did. What a mistake a I made.
    Hope it was collectively only 10 pounds...