Sunday, July 21, 2013

Not too late!

Loki helping me sort my postcards:)

 I did lots of postcards while in France.
 I'm picking two new winners each week until the end of July and
announcing them every Friday on my blog. 
So it's not too late to play along!
If you're interested just email me your name and address to:
and I'll add your name to the paint can.

I've announced twelve winners so far and who knows
the next one could be you!

It's really a treat for me to share some of my memories of France with you!


  1. Your photo colors are so gorgeous. I love neutrals when they have well placed dark angles like this. Great shot and kitty is the most beautiful gray color I have seen. Why do you not paint him/ her more often?

  2. Hi Julie, honestly it never crossed my mind! He was the resident kitty at Le Vieux Couvent and sadly I had to leave him behind when I left. Your ideas inspire me!